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  DJ Services are Offered for Music and Party Events, Birthday Partys, Graduations, Celebrations, Wedding Events, Large or Small "Get-Togethers", Karaoke, Adult After Hours, Private Party Events, and a lot more! Call and Schedule an Event Today. Quality DJ Service with a kick!
  DJ Rockin Raj is located in Morganton, NC.

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  We also offer Music and Event Services for Weddings, Graduations, Family "Get-Togethers", and a lot more. Our pricing is very competitive to others in the industry. We are going to give you a great service for a very reasonable price. Call us today for a quote or to schedule an event.
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History of the DJ

  The modern DJ's role as a performer who creates a seamless and extended mix of music for a dance party or club atmosphere evolved from radio personalities who introduced and played individual selections of recorded music on broadcast radio stations. In 1935, American radio commentator Walter Winchell coined the term "disc jockey" (the combination of disc, referring to disc-shaped phonograph records, and jockey, which is an operator of a machine) to describe radio announcer Martin Block, the first radio announcer to gain widespread fame for playing popular recorded music over the air.

  In 1974, Technics released the first SL-1200 turntable, which evolved into the SL-1200 MK2 in 1979—which, as of the early-2010s, remains an industry standard for DJing. In 1974, German electronic music band Kraftwerk released the 22-minute song "Autobahn," which takes up the entire first side of the album of the same title. Years later, Kraftwerk became a significant influence on hip-hop artists such as Afrika Bambaataa and house music pioneer Frankie Knuckles. During the mid-1970s, Hip-hop music and culture began to emerge, originating among urban African Americans and Latinos in New York City. The four main elements of Hip Hop culture are graffiti, DJing, b-boying, and MCing (rapping).

  In the mid-1970s, the soul-funk blend of dance pop known as disco took off in the mainstream pop charts in the United States and Europe, causing discotheques to experience a rebirth. Unlike many late-1960s clubs, which featured live bands, discotheques used the DJ's selection and mixing of records as the entertainment. In 1975, record pools began, providing disc jockeys access to newer music from the industry in an efficient method.

  During the mid-1980s, techno music emerged from the Detroit club scene. Being geographically located between Chicago and New York, Detroit techno artists combined elements of Chicago house and New York garage along with European imports. Techno distanced itself from disco's roots by becoming almost purely electronic with synthesized beats. In 1985, the Winter Music Conference started in Fort Lauderdale Florida and became the premier electronic music conference for dance music disc jockeys.

  During the early 1990s, the rave scene built on the acid house scene. The rave scene changed dance music, the image of DJs, and the nature of promoting. The innovative marketing surrounding the rave scene created the first superstar DJs who established marketable "brands" around their names and sound. Some of these celebrity DJs toured around the world and were able to branch out into other music-related activities. During the early 1990s, the Compact Disc surpassed the gramophone record in popularity, but gramophone records continued to be made (although in very limited quantities) into the 21st century—particularly for club DJs and for local acts recording on small regional labels.

  In 1998, the first MP3 digital audio player was released, the Eiger Labs MPMan F10. N2IT developed Final Scratch between 1998 and 2002 and showed a non-functioning prototype at the BE Developer Conference, marking the first digital DJ system to allow DJs control of MP3 files through special time-coded vinyl records or CDs. The "Final Scratch" system developed by N2IT shipped its first working units in early 2002 and DJs were spinning on digital vinyl by mid 2002. While it took some time for this novel concept to catch on with the "die hard Vinyl DJs", this soon became the first step in the digital DJ revolution.

  At the start of the new century, the introduction of advances in technology made it possible for new sounds and new DJ styles to be developed. Pioneer DJ came to be the digital standard. Audio and Video Mixers where developed, bringing the MTV world of the 80s and 90s to the world of DJ personality of the 2000s. New technologies concentrated in analog sound brought another high tech digital era, sound mixers made a whole new culture of DJ integration.

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  Whether it is a Formal Wedding or an After Hours Party, DJ Rockin Raj can meet your requirement for services. The music selection we have is basically endless. Our light show can be customized for adequate rendering and your need.

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